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Mollena Lee Williams-Haas

Kink Doula is the culmination of over 25 years of life lived exploring the Leather, Kink and BDSM lifestyles…as well as the integration of over 53 years of life lived to the fullest.

I fervently believe that so much of what we do in BDSM, Kink and Leather is of benefit to everyone!

I learned vital tools for salary negotiations through negotiating kinky play. I discovered an unbelievable well of power within myself - a well into which I may tap at will - through practicing submission. And I realized my inestimable worth as a human in service to my beloved Owner.

I want all of that joy and self-awareness for you, kinky or not!

In my journeys, I have experienced much that has shaped who I am: some of these experiences were uplifting and transformative. Some were painfully difficult…but also transformative.

My mission and calling is to share as much as I possibly can, and in doing so, facilitate for others the rebirth and growth that I have myself experienced through Kink.


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The Kink Doula services are for you if:

…you are kink curious.

…you are longing for the type of relationship where power dynamics are openly accessed, celebrated, respected and cherished.

…you have been kinky for as long as you remember, but something is missing.

…reading this has tickled some heretofore dormant corner of your soul.

…you feel alienated from your body and are wondering if intense sensation, if perhaps the psychodrama of SM, may be a way to integrate mind, body and soul.

You may come to Kink Doula safe in the knowledge that I already love you, that your desires and fantasies will never change this fact, and that I will hold both your light aspect as well as your dark aspect with equal respect and affection.

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