How May I Serve You?

Kink Doula is the culmination of over 25 years of life lived exploring the Leather, Kink and BDSM lifestyles…as well as the integration of over 53 years of life lived to the fullest.

I fervently believe that so much of what we do in BDSM, Kink and Leather is of benefit to everyone! 

I learned vital tools for salary negotiations through negotiating kinky play. I discovered an unbelievable well of power within myself - a well into which I may tap at will - through practicing submission. And I realized my inestimable worth as a human in service to my beloved Owner.

I want all of that joy and self-awareness for you, kinky or not!

In my journeys, I have experienced much that has shaped who I am: some of these experiences were uplifting and transformative. Some were painfully difficult…but also transformative.

My mission and calling is to share as much as I possibly can, and in doing so, facilitate for others the rebirth and growth that I have myself experienced through Kink.


Kink Doula is for

Kinky folks who have hit the wall and want to get that groove back or find inspiration.

Kink-curious folks who want to explore but feel apprehension, fear, or shame around their desires.

Non-kink-identified / “vanilla” folks who are seeking a fresh perspective on their lives and relationships.

About the Kink Doula


Above all else, my driving force? Is love.

Love for myself. Love for those I draw to me. Love for the stranger and for humanity, as I am one of those weirdos who is perpetually drawn to and fascinated by the stories of others. 

The Kink Doula community (link to events page) is one drawn together by the desire to find love in yourself, love for the darkness within us all as well as the light. 

What I want for you is what I want for myself: a profound connection to our truest selves, and a means to manifest this with conscious power dynamics.

Upcoming Events

My Gift To You

Complimentary Class: What The Heck Kind of Pervert Are You?

Self-knowledge and the capacity to speak out your fantasies, desires, wants, and needs is absolutely necessary. This class will outline the many reasons that understanding yourself will help you find a more fulfilling sense of your erotic self/kinks and help you attract and maintain more suitable relationships.

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