Kink Doula Coaching

Can you imagine a life lived without guilt or shame? Where you hold a fiercely embodied knowing of your power? Where you have found a healthy channel for your “inner beast?”

Can you conceive of a new confidence rooted in the knowledge that you have given yourself the gift of self-love? Where you and your partners communicate free of the fear of rejection? Where your desires and needs have room to breathe, play, and grow?

Can you dream of the day where even the quotidian aspects of your life are frosted with the glow of the love you have for yourself…a love deeply rooted in and growing from the limitless well of power within you?

I can. And I live this every day. And I want this for you, too.


We are not often taught how to leverage our own power for good.

Contemporary societies rarely focus on the power of the individual, unless it is connected with wealth gathering. It may seem counterintuitive for someone to only truly grasp their own powerful nature in the throes of submitting to another person, however many kink enthusiasts can testify to this dichotomy. It is also true that many folks who play with power from the dominant side are humbled by how deeply vulnerable they become once they have accepted the submission of another human being.

Figuring out how to compassionately play with power starts from within.

Kink Doula coaching will assist in providing a safe container for those initiating their first steps on this journey. Those who are well-versed in these dynamics will find an experienced player, a compassionate listener, a dedicated servant and a student of mastery at their service. Kink Doula will be valuable for assessing and reassessing those who seek deeper, richer, more nuanced dynamics. 

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The Kink Doula services are for you if:

…you are kink curious.

…you are longing for the type of relationship where power dynamics are openly accessed, celebrated, respected and cherished.

…you have been kinky for as long as you remember, but something is missing.

…reading this has tickled some heretofore dormant corner of your soul.

…you feel alienated from your body and are wondering if intense sensation, if perhaps the psychodrama of SM, may be a way to integrate mind, body and soul.


You may come to Kink Doula safe in the knowledge that I already love you, that your desires and fantasies will never change this fact, and that I will hold both your light aspect as well as your dark aspect with equal respect and affection.

To find out if Kink Doula coaching is right for you, schedule a complimentary call with Mollena. On the call we’ll talk through your intentions, curiosities, possibilities and logistics.

Fill out the form below to schedule your complimentary Kink Doula intro call.

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