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What the Heck Kind of Pervert Are You?

With Mollena Williams-Haas

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Join Mollena for this complimentary class.

If you were asked, right now, what your core kinks are… what motivates you… what scares you…what is it you expect to get out of the Scene and what the hell you bring to the table... do you have the language to address these issues?

So many of us exploring alternative sexuality do so with little introspection and rusty communication skills. Ask 100 kinksters why they do WIITWD (What It Is That We Do) and you’ll hear fewer coherent responses than you think. Self-knowledge and the capacity to speak out your fantasies, desires, wants and needs is absolutely necessary.

This class will outline the many reasons that self knowledge will help you find a more fulfilling sense of desires, and attract and maintain more suitable relationships.

This event is for everyone from first-time newbie to decades old players: we ALL can benefit from taking a moment to slow our roll and re-examine our role!

Through sharing life-experience and helping to guide attendees through their own very personal process, this class strives to bring a renewed sense of enthusiasm, introspection, passion and heat to your BDSM by helping you know for yourself, what the heck you’re doing here in the first place!

This free virtual class includes a lecture and a Q&A.

What The Heck Kind Of Pervert Are You?

Free class with Mollena Lee Williams-Haas​

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